Char Bar Smoked Meats

Location: Westport
4050 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111
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KCRW menus will be uploaded soon. Check back soon for full menus

KCRW menus will be uploaded soon. Check back soon for full menus

Hours: Sunday to Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm (Kitchen hours)

The House of Meat For a century, Kansas City has perfected its version of “low and slow” and we pay homage to the many great pit masters who have gone before us. The use of charring, smoking and grilling with wood has been a universal age-old method for both sustenance and socializing Our mission was to build a place that would combine our love of great beer with the soulful cuisine of Kansas City barbecue. And as luck would have it, we soon became friends with Mitch Benjamin, of the legendary competition barbecue team, “Meat Mitch". Mitch and his team have collected trophies from many major barbecue competitions across the country; including Kansas City’s American Royal World Series of BBQ, the heralded Memphis in May bbq sauce contest, Austin’s “Gettin’ Sauced” BBQ sauce competition and the People’s Choice winner for “Taste of the South”. With Mitch’s expertise, we have created Kansas City’s newest southern-inspired smokehouse featuring a rotating list of American craft beer, bourbon, wine and cocktails. Char Bar is a new kind of playground where carnivores, herbivores and locavores can co-mingle peacefully.Together, we will be known as “Charbarians”.

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