Waldo Pizza - Waldo

Neighborhood: Waldo
7433 Broadway St.,
Kansas City, MO 64114
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Lunch Menu
Available 11AM-4PM Only

$15 for 2
2 Sandwiches -OR- any 12" 2 Topping Pizza and a Dessert to Share

Specialty Sandwiches
All sandwiches served on an oven toasted ciabatta bread roll with choice of chips, pasta salad, seasoned potato wedges or sweet potato wedges
Sub. Small plate salad for $2.50
Sub Gluten Free bread at no up charge

Ham & Cheese - Lean ham, provolone & a side of our own housemade ranch dressing
"Hoog"ie - Pepperoni grande, ham, mozzarella, cheddar & provolone cheeses with lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing
Mendolia's Italian Sausage - Topped with our own marinara, green peppers, onions and provolone
Philly Cheesecake -OR- Philly Cheese Chicken - Sliced steak or garlic roasted chicken, green peppers, onion & provel cheese
Turkey Pesto - Smoked turkey with asiago cheese, insalta dressing and basil pesto
Chicken Provolone - Breaded & baked chicken cutlet topped with house-made marinara and provolone cheese
Waldo Meatball - Our house-made meatballs with provolone and marinara
BBQ Sandwich - BBQ sauce, pickles, red onion, provolone and your choice of meat: burnt ends, pulled pork, roasted chicken or Italian sausage


12" 2 Topping Pizza

Pick a Crust:
Waldo Traditional Hand Tossed - A yeast risen bread crust with a blend of provolone & mozzarella cheeses and our Waldo sauce
St. Louis Style Thin - Extra thin, crispy crust glazed with garlic butter and a light touch of our Waldo pizza sauce
Honey Wheat - Made from whole grain wheat and pure honey topped with our Waldo pizza sauce and a blend of mozzarella and provolone cheese
Sub Gluten Free Crust for $2

Alfredo · BBQ · Buffalo · Four Cheese · Garlic Butter · Olive · Oil Pesto · Romesco · Spicy Red · Taco Sauce

Meats and Fish:
Anchovies · Bacon · Buffalo Chicken · Burnt Ends · Cajun Sausage · Canadian Bacon · Chorizo Rojo · Coffee Maple Sausage · Crab Meat · Genoa Salami · Ham · Hamburger · Jalapeno Bacon · Lamb Merguez · Mo's Meatballs · Pepperoni Grande · Porcini Thyme Sausage · Pork Sausage · Pulled Pork · Roasted Chicken · Salmon · Scimeca's Italian Sausage · Scramble Egg · Shrimp · Sliced Steak · Smoked Turkey · Spam · Spicy Beef · Taco Meat · Turkey Italian Sausage

Almonds · Artichokes · Arugula · Avocado Basil · Black Beans · Black Olives · Broccoli · Capers · Eggplant · Green Olives · Green Peppe · Herb Roasted Potatoes · Jalapenos · Kalamata Olives · Mushrooms · Onion · Pepperoncini Peppers · Pickle Slices · Pine Nuts · Pineapple · Red Fresno Peppers · Red Onion · Roasted Corn · Roasted Garlic · Roma Tomato · Sauerkraut · Spinach · Sun-dried Tomatoes · Sweet Red Pepper · Zucchini

Dessert to Share
Pick 1
Sub. Gluten Free dessert at no up charge

White Chocolate Cheesecake - Traditional cheesecake with shaved white chocoalte
Double Chocolate Cake - Rich chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing
Big Sunshine Cake - Large slice of moist lemon cake with a lemon buttercream icing and lemon curd
Carrot Cake - Large slice of carrot cake with rich butter cream frosting and walnuts
Tiramisu - Traditional cake of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with cocoa and mascarpone cheese. Imported from Italy
Gooey Butter Cake - Gooey, moist, decadent yellow cake topped with powdered sugar and a slide of strawberry puree

Dinner Menu
2 Adult Beverages, 1 Starter, 2 Specialty Pastas OR any 14" Speciality Pizza, and Dessert to Share


Pick 2

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir 2017
Robert Mondavi Chardonnay 2018
Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio 2018
Any Draft Beer

Pick 1

Garlic Cheese Bread - 8 cheesy pieces of garlic bread topped with mozarella and cheddar cheese (sub gluten free for no up charge)
Cheesy Crust - Thin and crispy garlic butter crust topped with with cheddar and mozzarella cheese (sub gluten free for +$2)
Toasted Ravioli - 10 oven toasted breaded beef raviolis
Mozzarella Sticks - 8 oven toasted
1/2 Order of Chicken Wings - Baked wings and drumsticks. Buffalo, Honey Sriracha or Italian Herb

Choose One Option

14" Speciality Pizza
Pick 1
Sub 12 inch Gluten Free Speciality for no upcharge

BBQ Pork Pie - BBQ sauce, pulled pork, red onion, and pepperjack
Breakfast for Dinner - Alfredo sauce, scrambled egg, onion, and green peppers
Buffalo Chicken Special - Buffalo sauce, roasted chicken, red onion, and pepperjack
Cheeseburger - Pizza sauce with a splash of mustard, hamburger, pickles, and cheddar
Choice of Cut - Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, hamburger, and Canadian bacon
Combo - Hamburger, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, pork sausage, mushroom, black olives, onion, and green peppers
El Diablo - Spicy red sauce, Cajun sausage, spicy beef, and jalapenos
Florentine - Alfredo sauce, scrambled egg, onion, and green pepper
4 Cheese - Romesco sauce, fresh mozzarella, fontina, Asiago, and shaved Parmesan
The Greek - Light pizza sauce with a garlic butter glaze, lamb merguez, roma tomato, red onion, and feta cheese
The Hawaiian - Canadian bacon, pineapple, and cream cheese. Sub spam for a true Hawaiian!
Italian Sub - Canadian bacon, genoa salami, pepperoni, roma tomato, fresh lettuce
Local Pig - Spicy red sauce, porcini thyme sausage, red onion, herb roasted potato, roma tomato, and grated parmesan
Margherita - Fresh mozzarella and feta cheese with roma tomato and fresh basil
Pesto Chicken - Pesto sauce, roasted chicken, Asiago, and sweet red peppers
Ratatouille - Roma tomato, zuchinni, eggplant, and onion
Tex Mex - Taco sauce, choice of taco meat or chorizo rojo, black olives, roasted corn, cheddar, and onion finished with fresh roma tomato, fresh lettuce, and cheddar
Veggie - Mushroom, artichoke, sweet red peppers, grenn peppers, black olives, and onion
White Chicken - Alfredo sauce, roasted chicken, bacon, and mushrooms

Speciality Pasta
Pick 2

El Diablo - Penne pasta with a mix of our own spicy red sauce and alfredo with spicy beef, cajun sausage and jalapeno topped with shaved parmesan
Ratatouille - Spaghetti tossed in marinara with eggplant, zucchini and roma tomatos topped with shaved parmesan
Romesco Ravioli - Cheese ravioli tossed in our house made romesco sauce with zucchini and roasted garlic topped with shaved parmesan
White Chicken Pasta - Penne pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon and mushrooms topped with shaved parmesan
Pesto Tortellini - Cheese tortellini tossed in our house made pesto sauce finished with fresh roma tomatoes and crumbled goat cheese

Dessert to Share
Pick one
Sub. gluten free dessert at no upcharge

Gooey Butter Cake - Gooey, moist, decadent yellow cake topped with powdered sugar and a side of strawberry puree
Big Sunshine Cake - Large slice of moist lemon cake with a lemon buttercream icing and lemon curd
Tiramisu - Traditional cake of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with coca and mascarpone cheese. Imported from Italy
Double Chocolate Cake - Rich chocolate cheesecake with shaved white chocoalte
Carrot Cake - Large slice of carrot cake with rich butter cream frosting and walnuts


Sunday-Thursday: 11:00AM - 10:00PM Friday-Saturday: 11:00AM - 11:00PM

We have many gluten free, vegan and lactose free options. More than 50 toppings to choose from for a traditional hand tossed, St. Louis style thin crust or honey wheat pizza. We also have many delicious sandwiches, pastas, desserts and a always fresh and full salad bar! Lunch buffet 11-2 Mon-Sat.

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